an ensemble of mechatronic scraper-class percussion, inspired by the Chinese yu. 2017.

serrate study I

serraean ensemble of serra(s)

serrae is a modular ensemble of serra, a mechatronic scraper-class percussion. The ensemble can have up to 16 units of serra connected simultaneously. Powered by a microcontroller, serrae provides the instrumentalist the affordances to independently scrap (at different velocity) and strike the 27 serrates of each individual serra unit, allowing dynamic and control multiplicity of the ensemble.

serraE: top-view


serra: top-view


A modern re-visioning of the traditional Chinese yu, consisting of 27 serrates, 1 solenoid, 1 servo, and a handmade scraper made of 15 stalks of bamboo.


serra: isometric-view


Mechanizing the sound-producing mechanisms of the Chinese Yu: a linear actuator (solenoid) to strike the surface of a serrate, and a radial actuator (servo) to scrap its 27 serrates.

serraE: isometric-view