a hand gestural controller, inspired by the characteristic range and nuance of sounds afforded by guqin modulation techniques. 2016.

g.qin (2016)

g.qin is developed to extract and examine the physical gesture data of the left-hand finger techniques that guqin (ancient chinese zither) instrumentalists use to articulate the nuances in pitch, dynamics, and timbre of its tone(s) produced. The development of g.qin is a key first step towards the investigation of the guqin music tradition through the measurement of physical gesture data, and its details are described in Re-Visioning Guqin Performance through Interface Design, Digital Measurement, and Signal Processing.


The ability to sufficiently transduce physical motions to gestural data (capture salient features of hand movements), has enabled g.qin to also function as a input gestural controller in electro-instrumental music performance.

Additionally, g.qin is also used to explore new musical interaction strategies between human performer(s), computer-based sound producing system(s), and mechatronic musical instrument(s).

In elevation.azimuth, with 3 mechatronic musical instruments: serrae, speaker.motion (Bridget Johnson), and Swivel (Jim Murphy).